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Executive Committee

Name Designation Email
Pravin Patil Chairman pravinpatil2030@gmail.com
Rajesh Patwardhan Past Chairman PatwardhanRS@bv.com
Vikrant Sankhe Secretary sankhe.vikrant@gmail.com
Raveena Rana Treasurer rimpyrana1112@gmail.com
Vaishali Gaikwad Public Relations Officer mohite@somaiya.edu
Vimal Chaubey YP Chairman vimal.chaubey01@gmail.com
Tejas Shah YP Secretary shahtejas05@gmail.com
Muskan Jha YP Member muskan.jha@somaiya.edu
Archana Bhise Ordinary Member archana.bhise@yahoo.co.in
Gautami Bhusa Ordinary Member gautamibhusa@gmail.com
Ranjan Chaubey Ordinary Member chaubeyranjan8@gmail.com
Hiren Chauhan Ordinary Member chauhanhiren8@gmail.com
Abhishek More Ordinary Member morea@bv.com
Shirish Shukla Ordinary Member Shirish.shukla@petrofac.com


Managing business impact during a pandemic: IET Mumbai Local Network

Dr Jaijit Bhattacharya, President, Centre for Digital Economic Policy Research in this webinar gave an overview of the current economic situation and slowdown due to the global pandemic and how business across the globe are facing the fear of a global recession at large. View the video to gain insights into how businesses should respond to the current situation - panic or brace with a positive approach to rebound back.