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Chennai Local Network

Executive Committee

Dr Cloudin


Dr S Prasanna Bharathi

Vice Chairperson

Dr A Rathinam

Vice Chairperson

Dr R Rajkumar

Honorary Secretary

Dr Vivek Ram Vasan

Honorary Treasurer

Dr K Kalyan Sagar

Ordinary Member

Dr M Bharathiraja

Ordinary Member


Unravelling emerging tech opportunities in the pandemic: IET Chennai Local Network

With the sea of information already in circulation around Coronavirus and COVID-19, Shubham Saraff, Founder, of Applutions Softech provides insights on how to declutter and unravel the reality behind the monstrous creature- COVID-19.

In times of such a pandemic when pessimism is consuming all the strata of our society, it is technology that comes to the rescue.

View the video on how #engineers and #technologists can grab this opportunity and make a difference in these tiring times.