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Professional Registration: Enhance your career

As an engineer, there are many benefits to becoming professionally registered.

Professional Registration demonstrates that you have reached an internationally recognised standard of competence and acknowledges your commitment to maintaining that competence in the future.

IET India offers four categories of Professional Registration:

What is a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and who should apply?

A Chartered Engineer solves practical problems in complex, high-risk environments.

They develop new solutions and technologies to drive innovation and change in the industry. They look at how new techniques and management methods will make projects more efficient.

They lead on the technical and commercial aspects of projects, like systematically reviewing the factors that affect project implementation, taking safety and sustainability into account. They are known for their professional judgement, reliability, and commitment to develop the skills of those around them.

What is an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) and who should apply?

An Incorporated Engineer uses their analytical skills and well-proven techniques to solve engineering challenges.

They have proven experience in engineering design, development, manufacture, construction or operational projects, and they are involved with the technical and commercial aspects too.

What is an Engineering Technician (EngTech) and who should apply?

An Engineering Technician is a skilled and creative practitioner, taking responsibility for operational engineering and other staff.

They apply their knowledge, proven techniques and procedures to solve practical problems. And use creative methods to solve technological challenges, all while demonstrating safe working.

They often contribute to design, development, manufacturing, commissioning, decommissioning or operational projects, and they might maintain products, equipment, processes or services too.

What is an ICT Technician (ICTTech) and who should apply?

An ICT Technician helps choose and use the right ICT resources, techniques, configurations, procedures and methods for the project.

They install, operate and maintain systems, and protect them from damage and data loss, and they work within teams to make sure everything functions as it needs to.