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IET Future Tech Panel (formerly the IET Internet of Things Panel)

The IET constituted a think tank called the IET IoT Panel in 2015 with representation from leaders in the Internet of Things (IoT) space to evangelise IoT and help accelerate its adoption in India. Within 6 years, the panel was able to engage key ministries with the government of India, contribute to policies as well as influence stakeholder action across the ecosystem.

The panel also organised 4 successful editions of IoT India Congress dubbed as the most important event for technology stakeholders in the region, which has had combined attendance from over 5,000 attendees from around the globe.

While all of this is indeed encouraging, we are constantly recalibrating our influence and impact – globally. We believe that IoT is indeed an all pervasive technology and are proud of the role we have played in building awareness and deployment in our region. We also believe that in the coming years (and we can already see evidence) IoT alone will not suffice. AI, Blockchain, ML, VR, robotics are taking centre stage and the use-cases that are coming in are indeed very fascinating.

Therefore, we decided to pivot and scale our focus to technologies beyond Internet of Things. With this in mind, we recast our panel in 2020 to be called as “The IET Future Tech Panel” which we think will help us become more inclusive for those technologies that need development of country-wide roadmaps and ecosystem building. With this, we also hope to be able to reflect the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s global legacy and connects.

The IET Future Tech Panel


To be an inclusive, neutral and credible platform and work as the thought hub for future technologies as well as future technologists.


  • Provide a neutral platform for interdisciplinary thought and action in areas of future technologies
  • Disseminate knowledge about future technologies
  • Create roadmaps for the adoption of future technologies and provide sound advice to the government
  • Curate use cases to enable the deployment and scaling of future technologies
  • Own and organise the region’s most important event on Future Technologies.

The panel works through 16 working groups comprising over 120 volunteers of IET India to disseminate knowledge about future technologies and create roadmaps for their adoption. It is chaired by Dr Rishi Bhatnagar, President, Aeris Communications.

Meet the Panel members and the working groups

Annual Report 2021

Meet our panellists and Working groups, and read about the activities, highlights and achievements of the IET Future Tech Panel in 2021.

Download the IET Future Tech Panel Annual Report

Feeling inspired and want to get involved with the IET Future Tech Panel? Contact Ujani at

IoT India Congress

IoT India Congress is the annual flagship event organised by IET IoT Panel. Launched in 2016, it is one of the most important confluences for digital-technology stakeholders in the region. Aptly termed as the Platform of Platforms for the Internet of Things, this event brings together key figures from the IoT world to explore and unlock the possibility that IoT holds.

The Congress concluded its 4th edition on August 22-23 in Bengaluru which was themed as 'Mainstreaming the Internet of Things'. With over 1600 attendees, 80+ speakers and 13 partners it was truly the Platform of Platforms for the Internet of Things. 

Highlights of 4 editions:

  • 5000+ attendees
  • 340+ speakers
  • 40+ partners
  • 250+ start-ups
  • 130+ exhibitors
  • Attended by 52% CXOs and Senior Management every year

IoT India Congress