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IET Future Tech Panel Working Groups

The IET Future Tech Panel delivers its mission through six Technology Working Groups that work with six Impact Working Groups.

Every working group is led by a Chair and comprises of a team of industry/academia experts within that.

Technology Working Groups

Data and AI

Spearheads advancements in artificial intelligence and data analytics to drive innovation and enhance decision-making across various industries.


Develops and promotes Internet of Things technologies to enable seamless connectivity and automation in smart environments and infrastructure.

Quantum Tech

Explores the potential of quantum technologies to revolutionize computation, solving complex problems beyond the capabilities of classical systems.

Digital Twin

Focuses on creating and implementing digital twin models for real-time simulation and optimization of physical systems and processes.


Enhances strategies and technologies to protect digital assets, ensuring robust defense against cyber threats and breaches.

Intelligent Networks

Advances intelligent networking solutions to support scalable, efficient, and resilient communication infrastructures for future digital services.

Impact Working Groups

Healthy Lives

Develops and implements technologies and initiatives to improve healthcare, wellness, patient journey and overall quality of life.


Focuses on enhancing employment opportunities, workforce development, and economic growth through technological innovation.


Addresses societal challenges by leveraging technology to improve education, social inclusion, and community resilience.


Drives sustainable practices and solutions in clean water and sanitation, affordable clean energy, sustainable urban development, climate action, and innovative infrastructure, through 5 sub-working groups:

  • Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Affordable and Clean Energy
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Climate Action
  • Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure.

Standards and Regulatory

Develops and promotes standards and regulatory frameworks to ensure the safe, ethical, and effective deployment of emerging technologies.


Shapes and influences public policy to support the responsible and beneficial integration of technology in society.