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Get Chartered today!

Enhance your profile with an international certificate of competence.

Becoming an internationally recognised Chartered Engineer is the edge you need. With a CEng (UK) post-nominal, you demonstrate your competence as an engineering professional as well as a commitment to excellence.

Why become a Chartered Engineer?

When you become a Chartered Engineer (CEng), it demonstrates to your employers and clients that you have had your competence independently assessed, your credentials verified, and have made a commitment to Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Become a Chartered Engineer (CEng) offers many benefits:

  • Use of an internationally protected title, e.g. Chartered Engineer.
  • Recognition as a professional in your field.
  • Improved career opportunities and salary prospects.
  • Greater influence within your organisation.
  • Opportunities to connect with influential and inspirational people.
  • International recognition of your professional competence and commitment.

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Testimonials from some of our Chartered Engineers

“The rigorous assessment process was outstanding - it helped me self-evaluate my skills, knowledge, and experience in-depth. It challenged me to showcase my competence and pushed me to further develop and refine my engineering capabilities”

“Preparing my CEng application gave me confidence in performing leading roles in regulatory and strategic management of system operation. It has helped me demonstrate substantially more engineering value with clients, end-users, and consultants.”

“Professional Registration helped me establish my engineering competency at an individual level. This opened up more job opportunities both within my current employer and externally.”

"Being a Chartered Engineer, I have a demonstrated knowledge and experience which further enhances my company's confidence in me. Maybe, due to this fact, my company always assigned me to important projects."