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Press Note for Pre-Budget Expectation

Mr. Shekar Sanyal’s Comment:
“The Union Budget 2016 focused more on skill development and improving our infrastructural capabilities. As India advances on its path to gain technological supremacy, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data will be the key drivers to economic growth. It is now an opportune time to up skill our brain pool with the right skill sets to ensure they are increasingly kept relevant to the growing needs of the industry. The country is now looking towards a more connected tomorrow. With a projection of estimated 20 billion connected devices  by 2020, It is necessary that India channelizes all its resources to ensure we are ready for this rapid technological sprint. The 2017 budget should continue to focus on ‘ease of doing business’ and its thrust on the development of the technological infrastructure.
Over the past two decades, higher education system has undergone a rapid expansion. The 2017 Budget needs to emphasize on improving the quality of higher education infrastructure and focus on providing more practical learning opportunities to the students in order to make them industry ready. This would help in identifying and bridging the existing skill gap. Thrust on better research facilities will improve advanced research opportunities in India. The Government also needs to roll out initiatives to boost e-learning. With a vision to build a strong engineering ecosystem in India that contributes to the society in resolving critical societal challenges, we are excited to see how the government will lay emphasis on making India an education hub.”
Dr. Rishi Bhatnagar’s Comment:
"Almost 20 billion IoT-enabled devices will go online over the next half a decade and this represents an amazing opportunity for us. So many devices will have to have a IoT-skilled workforce to manage them and we need to invest in training and upskilling our workforce to ensure we capitalize on this opportunity. Adequate skilling capacity needs to be created for this by attracting investments from within the country and outside. I hope that our government takes a step in this direction through this budget."