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90% of predictions come true – IET India’s Future of Work Playbook

Exactly 13 months back in October 2019, IET India released India’s first-ever playbook for the Future of Work, a guide to navigating the changing world of work, workplace and workforce. Curated with inputs from international experts and IET’s own research, the playbook presented what the world of work will look like – in the next 3 years.

AI skilling in India: New study confirms AI set to be a major part of India’s growth story with increasing demands for skills

In June 2020, the Institution of Engineering and Technology, India and the UK India Tech Partnership team from the British High Commission carried out an independent study on AI skilling in India as a part of their joint initiative to accelerate AI skilling and adoption in India. The study garnered close to 140 respondents representative of students, start-ups, academia, incubators and large corporations.

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