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The Future of Mobility & Transport

The IET FoMT Panel

The Future of Mobility and Transport (FoMT) panel (under the aegis of the Transport sector focus of the IET) brings together diverse and multidisciplinary stakeholders onto a neutral platform that will facilitate a variety of actions, developments and provide well-balanced advisory on policy interventions needed.

Divided into four focus areas – urban mobility, rural mobility, logistics & freight, policy - the FoMT Panel explores how we can combine key technologies such as electrification, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) with our country’s logistics framework to help boost economic growth and employment.

FoMT focus areas

The FoMT sub-panel working groups focus on four key elements

Urban Mobility

Objective: To digitalise and improve’ lives, particularly by improving inter-city transportation, and to decongest and decarbonise the cities.

Chair: Atul Arya, Head of Energy Systems Division, Panasonic

Vice Chair: Devendranath M, Vice President, Feedback Consulting

Rural Mobility

Objective: To digitalise and improve lives through improved mobility solutions, to boost the service sector by improving employment potential, and to decarbonise the atmosphere.

Chair: Madan Patki, CEO, 1Bridge

Vice Chair: Vivekananda Hallekere, CEO & Co-Founder, Bounce

Logistics & Freight

Objective: To improve efficiency in the logistics and freight sector, focusing on movement between and within cities, and identifying & improving employment potential.

Chair:  Bhavesh Mangalani, COO & Co-Founder, Delhivery


Objective: To build a roadmap for the improvement of policy around mobility and transport.

Chair: Dr Jaijit Bhattacharya, Adjunct Professor, IIT and President, Centre for Digital Economy Policy Research

The FoMT Panel is guided by an Apex Advisory Panel

  • Professor John Jostins, Professor of Sustainable Transport & Design, Coventry University
  • Graham Gest PhD CEng MIET, Chief Engineer - Innovation, Tata Motors European Technical Centre
  • Professor Andrew Parkes, Academic Director, Institute for Future Transport & Cities (FTC), Coventry University

They are supported by the Panel members to create an integrated mobility framework.

  • Mustafa Wajid, CEO, Meher Group
  • Atul Arya, Head,  Energy Systems Division, Panasonic
  • Bhavesh Mangalani, COO & Co-Founder, Delhivery
  • Madan Padaki, CEO, 1Bridge
  • Dr Jaijit Bhattacharya President, Centre for Digital Economy Policy Research Adjunct Professor, IIT Delhi
  • Devendranath M. VP, Feedback Consulting
  • Vivekananda Hallekere, CEO & Co-Founder, Bounce

Feeling inspired and want to get involved with the FoMT Panel? Contact Anitha sectors@theiet.in