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The Future of Mobility & Transport

With around 35% of India’s population living in urban areas, compared to 65% in rural conditions, there are a number of different challenges and issues to be addressed. Given the diversity and complexity of the socio-economic realities in India, a judicious combination of engineering and new technologies blended with timely policy interventions by Government in mobility and transport sectors can boost economic growth and employment. It will also positively impact the environment as well as enhance quality of life.

The IET FoMT Panel

The Future of Mobility and Transport (FoMT) panel (under the aegis of the Transport sector focus of the IET) brings together diverse and multidisciplinary stakeholders onto a neutral platform that will facilitate a variety of actions, developments and provide well-balanced advisory on policy interventions needed.

Divided into four focus areas – urban mobility, rural mobility, logistics & freight, policy - the FoMT Panel explores how we can combine key technologies such as electrification, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) with our country’s logistics framework to help boost economic growth and employment.

FoMT focus areas

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