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Standards, Regulatory and Legal Working Group


  • Identify the Standards, Policy, legal & regulatory impact factors that operate as both inhibitors to and facilitators of growth in the future technologies ecosystem in India. 
  • Suggestions and recommendations on way forward /possibilities to overcome these inhibitors and modalities to facilitate growth.
  • Explore the possibility of synergizing with international agencies to understand the best practices, sharing of knowledge and experience and to put forth the unique needs and characteristics of Indian market from policy and standardisation point of view.  

Focus areas

  • The prime area of focus for the Working Group will be Standardisation and Policy related issues concerning Machine to Machine/ IoT along with Future Technologies such as AI, ML, VR, BC etc. 
  • Key learning and lessons on the legal impact of the Machine to Machine / IoT and Future technologies.
  • Interaction, discussion, and collaboration with local & global bodies in areas of Standardization, Policy and Strategy for the IoT/M2M and future technologies. 


  • WG members shall work on consolidating standards & policy initiatives around IoT/M2M, future technologies such as AI, VR, MC, BC etc, Gap Analysis as part of white paper and explore inclusion of chapters covering standards & policy around important verticals which are active as part of IET Future Tech Panel. White paper shall also explore including topics such as open systems, governance & ethics around AI and legal impact factors including IPR covering future technologies such as briefed below:
    • Artificial Intelligence - Data protection and privacy, Intellectual Property, Consumer protection and product liability.
    • Blockchain technology and its different use cases such as smart contracts, cryptocurrency, etc.
    • Legal impact of applying surveillance technologies in community health monitoring, considering public health crisis such as a pandemic.
    • Role of privacy and data protection, including data handling practices in different types of future technologies.
  • Interaction with the other vertical Working Groups, seeking their inputs and providing them with recommendations on standards and policy concerning their sectors.  


  • WG members will work on producing white paper for the IoT India Congress 2020-21.
  • WG members / panel will participate in relevant workshops / conferences /round tables to promote the panel work around standardisation and policy issues on IoT and Future technologies. 
  • Working Group will prepare response to the Govt. policies, consultation papers on the IoT / M2M and Future Technologies 
  • Working Group will also consider taking more proactive approach in giving recommendations to government/ policy makers in the areas which require attention in terms of policy, strategy or standardisation. 


  • Industry
  • Indian Telecom / IT SDO’s
  • Government and Policy makers
  • Start-ups/ Tech-preneuers in the IoT / M2M and Future technology space





  • Shreyas Jayasimha, Advocate, Aarna Law
  • Sheahan Verghese, Founder, TLA
  • Vishnu Ram, Technology Consultant (Services and Solutions), TSDSI
  • Jitender Kumar, Scientist-E & Head (HRD), Bureau of Indian Standards
  • Dr Lovneesh Chanana, Vice President, Digital Government (Asia Pacific and Japan), SAP
  • Sachin Gaur, Local Coordinator, India – EU ICT Standardisation Collaboration
  • Sharad Arora, Founder and Managing Director, Sensorise Digital Services Private Limited
  • Aurindam Bhattacharya, Group Leader, C-DoT
  • Phillip Grinsted, Global Project Quality Infrastructure - India, Indo-German Working Group on Quality Infrastructure
  • Debashish Bhattacharya, Sr. Deputy Director General, Broadband India Forum
  • Krishna Sirohi, Professor of Practice, Bharti School of Telecom Technology and Management IIT Delhi
  • Vikram Tiwathiya, Deputy Director General , COAI  
  • Arun Mukarji, Local Coordinator, India-EU ICT Standardisation Collaboration Project
  • Priyanshu Sharma, Scientist-B & Assistant Director in Electronics & IT Department of BIS

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