Social Impact Working Group


Evangelize and demonstrate use of future tech in social impact


  • Make social impact intentional and integrated with existing initiatives.
  • Work with IET Future Tech Panel to dovetail into existing technologies, ecosystems and networks being aggregated by Sobus platform for socially impactful start-ups.


  • Maharashtra cluster (Future Mobility) on Electric Vehicle-mounted IoT-embedded solutions for rural India.

    Electric-Vehicle based Healthcare, Telemedicine, Water & Awareness, Skilling Solution for the last-mile communities)

    Collaborator: Vivek Singh – Skill Development Working Group

  • Karnataka cluster (AI/Data Science) on WaterHealthAI

    Saving lives with water intelligence that aims to help India 'Build back better' from the current COVID-19 and related situation.

Plan ahead

  • Social Impact – Horizontal cutting across various Verticals.
  • Collaborate with other working groups
    • Support to evangelise social impact in your circles
      • Success stories
      • Interesting technologies
  • Provide ecosystem and on-ground via ARISE! and SFURTI! Centres in rural, non-metro areas and urban communities (smart villages)
    • For IET WG’s
    • For companies and start-ups

Feeling inspired and want to get involved with the IET Future Tech Panel? Contact Ujani at