Smart Cities Working Group


“Inspire, inform and influence the Indian engineering community, & support the technology innovations to promote smart cities"


  • Contribute to reducing the migration of citizens from rural areas to cities
  • Prepare cities for the hyper-connected environment to grow GDP, Innovation and social harmony
  • Promote responsible consumption of power, gas and water in the city
  • Advocate accountable, responsible and transparent governance with Governments
  • Contribute to shaping “future living” places which are comfortable, safe and convenient

Focus Areas

  • Smart Connectivity: People to people’, ‘people to things’, ‘things to things’ get connected in the real-time and creates unimaginable opportunities to grow economy, innovation, and social harmony in the city
  • Smart Living: Improve the quality of life through thermal, visual and acoustic comfort and through optimal utilization of resources using digital technologies
  • Smart Water: Water Twins for optimally consume water and reduce distribution losses in the city
  • Smart Governance: Promote accountable, responsible and transparent city governance to improve the socio-economic status of citizens


  • Ajay GuptaVP and Head of Strategy & Sales, SCSTECH India


  • Rajesh Bhatia, Entrepreneur and Consultant
  • Rakhee Chachra, Business Development- 5G Telco Cloud,IBM
  • Sharad Jahagirdar, Assistant Manager, Information Services Group (ISG)
  • Hari Dilip Kumar, Director, Sustainability Problem Solver (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.
  • PVN Pavan Kumar, Sr.Director & Chief Expert | DSC Industrial IoT Product Management | SAP Labs India
  • Soutik Mondal, Program Manager, Information Services Group
  • Kamlesh Naidu, General Manager - Digital Services, Ericsson
  • Vinay Rajagopal, Digital Tx - App, Platform, Edge & MultiCloud | OpenSource - Partner Solutions & Architecture - GTM, Red Hat
  • Ganesh Shankar, Founder and CEO, FluxGen Engineering Technologies
  • Naga Sravani, Tech, sustainability enthusiast & software engineer; Blockchain expert
  • Vasantha Subbiah, Vice-President, FluxGen Engineering Technologies
  • Aravind Sorake, Senior Manager - Presales and Solutions | IoT and Smart Cities, Wipro Limited  

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