Manufacturing Working Group


To be a platform of choice for the Indian manufacturing industry to leverage technology best practices, enabling them to become globally competitive.


Meeting of minds to accelerate adoption, access and advisory of technology best practices and also influence industrial policies for the digital industrial economy.


  • To enable the Indian manufacturing industry to leverage new technology to become globally competitive
  • To become the platform of choice for all relevant stakeholders for access to digital technology Know-How
  • To influence government policy-making around digital technology representing the voice of industry


  • Government
    • Government policies: Identification of focus areas and support in crafting the same     
    • Voice of Industry: Assessment of industry needs, survey, report, connect with other forums etc.   
  • MSMEs
    • Use case from Industries: Other industry reports summary, connect with academic to take help   
    • Technology selection and advisory   
  • Start-ups
    • Business valuation and business case preparation 




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