Healthcare Working Group


  • Develop solutions on preventive health to reduce disease burden for the nation
  • To build a prototype solution to cover disease surveillance in the country
  • Deliver actionable insights to the government and health authorities for them to take action for preventive care
  • Create an ecosystem to build the prototype and solution for national implementation 


  • Disease surveillance- focusing on sources of data- Lab, prescription and hospital records 
  • Prototype to focus on a few districts for proving the concept, initial action with lab data 


  • Identify data sources from lab records- Telemedicine data and data from digital applications
  • Collect non PI data 
  • Leverage health stack and national digital data blueprint 
  • Identify the protocols and standards for data collection, ingestion and analysis
  • Leverage existing data models – Data warehouses, modelling techniques, visual analytics and predictive models 


  • Working prototype coverage for 3 districts 
  • Technical architecture built on health stack 
  • Point of view paper on disease surveillance 
  • Virtual event to discuss outcomes and understand the way forward 
  • Visualisation of data
  • Ability to scale nationally


  • Citizens and community
  • Primary Health Centers
  • Integrated Disease Surveillance Program
  • Local Administration 


Advisory members

  • Dr Sudhakar Varanasi, Healthcare Consultant
  • Dr Uday Patil, Head of Radiology, Manipal Hospitals
  • Dr Rajakumar Deshpande, Director - Brain and Spine Care, Fortis Hospitals 
  • Dr Kamala Rai, Vice-President Sr Global Program Head - Global Health Development Unit, Novartis
  • Shikha Pillai, Head Strategy – Siemens Healthineers Development Center
  • Dr Sumeet Kad, Head - Enterprise Cluster, Roche Pharma


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