Cybersecurity Working Group


Become the rational voice on cybersecurity debate in India and work on educating stakeholders and create awareness among user communities, disseminate best practices and provide recommendations to the Government of India.

Focus Areas

  • Differential Privacy
  • Public Policy: Future-proofing standards


  • Differential Privacy: Produce a position paper on using Differential Privacy. The goal is to allow IoT Devices data especially medical to be aggregated for AI/ML work but meet data privacy needs. The beneficiaries for this will include COE on AI/ML and Data Science and policy as well as Industry groups and alliances.
    • Workshop
    • Discussion
    • Use cases and RoI and business case building 
  • Public Policy: The WG will provide a position paper on a more generic issue of "Future Proofing Standards”. Too often they are very narrow or very rooted in the past and fail to adapt to emerging areas. This will be a concept note as serving as a base for Common approach, especially for the Standards, Legal and Regulatory WG.


Other WG and Government Standards setting regulators

  • Passive support to other work at the panel and guidance as requested on Smart cities, Industry 4.0 etc.



  • Arnab Chattopadhayay, Vice President of Engineering, FireCompass
  • Syam Madanapalli, Director - IoT, NTT Data Services, and Chair of IEEE P1931, Roof Computing working group
  • Kishore Kar, Chief Business Officer, Cyber Security Integrators India Pvt Ltd
  • Abhijit Lele, Principle Consultant, Research & Technology Center, Robert Bosch India
  • Anand Handa, Senior Project Executive Engineer, C3i Center, IIT Kanpur
  • Amit Rao, VP, Strategy and Business Development (APAC), Trusted Objects
  • Bipin Pradeep Kumar, Research Consultant, Systems Biology Institute

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