Blockchain Working Group

Focus areas

Build small pilots or use-cases around

  • Use of Blockchain in voting
  • Blockchain led electronic health record

Enabling usage of Blockchain in

  • Cybersecurity
  • Smartcities
  • Healthcare

Work to build projects that can be tested in regulatory sandboxes announced by the state and central governments in India.


  • Create a specific focus on voting using Blockchain and electronic health records enabled by Blockchain in a bid to build pilot projects
  • Work closely with the government and provide continuous inputs to policy


  • Policy recommendations on Blockchain and related technologies
  • Whitepapers to build awareness and evangelise Blockchain adoption and curate use-cases
  • Pilot projects that can be tested in regulatory sandboxes


  • State and central governments
  • Start-ups in the Blockchain and distributed ledger space
  • Academic institutions and research organisations
  • Large organisations and MSMEs looking to adopt Blockchain


  • Sharat Chandra, Blockchain & Emerging Tech Evangelist, Advisor EarthID