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Ventilator tracking for Covid-19 preparedness

Shortage of ventilators is a grave reality across the globe as covid cases continue to rage.

The Healthcare working group of our Future Tech Panel, have created a blueprint to address the challenge of ventilator shortage in the country.

In this paper, we propose technological frameworks that will enable hospitals and medical institutions effective track medical assets – their availability, live location, existing condition, etc. The proposed solution aims to provide care to those in need.

Read the report for a quick and effective solution for tracking ventilator availability in the country.

Repurposing buses as Covid-19 testing centres

Rapid testing is key to India overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. However, to ramp up testing, while keeping social distancing intact, it is imminent that point of care diagnostics is implemented.

In response to the pandemic, expert volunteers from the IET’s Healthcare Working Group and the Future of Mobility and Transport Panel have come together to explore the use of buses as testing centres for point of care testing and diagnosis for COVID-19.

In this paper, we propose to use buses as points of care testing centres for COVID-19, thereby enabling better access and scale. The paper sets out the challenges of mobile testing, ways to repurpose buses to become a sample collection and diagnostic centre, possible workflows and patient journeys that can be used as well as provide a project plan for authorities to execute.

Authored by Ravi Ramaswamy, Senior Director, Philips Healthcare; Chair- Healthcare WG, IET Future Tech Panel and Ramanathan Sethuraman, Platform Architect, Intel detail how buses can be repurposed as COVID-19 testing centres.

Enabling Indian manufacturing MSMEs for global competitiveness by Sanjeev Gupta and Manish Lunge

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a watershed moment for businesses globally. While the scenario looks gloomy all around, there are significant local and global factors that may prove to be favourable for Foreign Direct Investment in manufacturing, especially the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector of India.

With companies looking towards India as an investment destination, there needs to be a serious re-thinking of existing business models. Sanjeev Gupta, VP, Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Services, Capgemini and Member, Manufacturing WG, IET Future Tech Panel along with Manish Lunge, Director, Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Services, Capgemini in this whitepaper discuss the opportunities available, scope for improvement and propose solutions to the varied challenges for the MSME sector in India.

Read the report to know how the sector can take full advantage of local and available expertise to fulfil the needs of the powerful slogan that has challenged and dominated the Indian discourse – Atmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliance India)!

IoT and Future Tech for aiding social distancing by Dr Rishi Bhatnagar

Who would have imagined that COVID-19 would become a global pandemic engulfing 190 countries, bringing the world’s economy to a standstill!

Social distancing is both the new reality and the new normal. It also presents a huge challenge for both businesses and people who depend on face-to-face interactions.

Dr Rishi Bhatnagar, Chair, IET Future Tech Panel and President of Aeris Communications discusses in this whitepaper how various digital and connected technologies have come to the rescue of mankind in this grim situation.

Advancements and applications of digital technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR/VR), online streaming, video conferencing, robotics, drone technologies etc, have never been more prominent and appreciated than in this moment of widespread social distancing.

Read more to know which individuals and companies are adopting them for work, education and socialising.

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