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Engineering the Future of Work

Engineering the Future of Work

India is indeed in an interesting and challenging place in today’s VUCA world. It is expected that:

  • Indian employees form 25% of the gig economy and stand 1st in the Online Labour Index1.
  • 37% of skilled employees in India will be in jobs that need radically different skill-sets by 20222

The IET India in its remit of working to engineer a better world has built a neutral and all-inclusive platform to help create roadmaps to navigate through the evolving world of work. We believe that there is an urgent need for all the stakeholders to come together and discuss the evolving Future of Work landscape in India. Divided into four buckets- Future of Education, Future of Organisations, Future of Professionals and Future frameworks- the platform aims to demystify the Future of Work bubble and act quickly to take advantage of the opportunities that this transformation presents.

The buckets are:

– Future of Education will focus on how our education systems will have to reinvent themselves to provide skills for the future as well as get ready to reskill the current workforce to make them future-ready

– Future of Organisations will focus on how organisations have to prepare for the future that automation, AI and other technologies bring and the impact on talent and their ability to deliver the goals that organisations set for themselves in the next decade

– Future of the Professional will focus on how individuals have to reset their calibrations to become neo generalists with multiple deep specialisation versus the current trends of a single deep specialisation

– Future Frameworks will focus on future skills frameworks for the industry as well as regulatory and legal frameworks that will support the growth of micro-entrepreneurs and the players of the gig economy

Event highlights

The first edition of IET’s Engineering the Future of Work concluded on October 22, 2019 in Mumbai. The event aimed at solving the #JigsawofWork in India through focused discussions on key quadrants such as higher education, organisation constructs, personal skills and growth and future frameworks, to make the transition to the future easier. The event also witnessed the launch of India’s first ever Future of Work playbook, which offers a dedicated guide to navigate the demands of tomorrows’ jobs, the transition to this future will be eased.

Engineering the Future of Work

IET’s Future of Work Playbook

An exclusive guide to navigating through the evolving world of work.

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Post Show Report 2019 

Catch the glimpses of the 1st edition of IET’s Engineering the Future of Work

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Interested to play an active role in shaping the future of work landscape in India? Write to Anitha at sectors@theiet.in