Re-imagining and resetting workspaces for future

Modifications to adapt to social distancing, cleaning and safety measures to curb the transmission of the virus hold utmost importance. For instance, reducing the number of chairs and spacing out tables in common areas, installation of contactless technological solutions, changing the position of workstations that face each other are a few changes that workspaces might implement.

Insights on what will be the new workspace regulations and designs, understanding of workforce flexibility and building capacity, safety and health measures to be adopted by offices were shared.

We had close to 90 attendees participate from 8 countries like India, UAE, Qatar, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Australia and the United States of America in today’s discussion.

Speakers for the discussion included:

  • Adit Chhabra, CEO, Wobot Intelligence
  • Rajat Malhotra, Executive Director and Head of Engineering Solutions APAC, JLL
  • Satish Deore, GM – Admin & Facilities, CEAT Ltd, RPG Group
  • Sumit Lakhani, CMO, Awfis
  • Vivek Bagri, CEO, Adappt

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