Adapt, Improvise and Overcome: The essential skills post the pandemic

Our third conversation focused on understanding the skills that will be needed post the pandemic as we rebuild our world. Discussions focused on the ‘Must-have’ skills for your profession, ways to address the existing skill gap and building a skilling and learning strategy to navigate through this disruption and how employees and organisations can effectively deal with skilling gaps? The session was attended by 130 attendees from 10 countries like India, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, UK, Kenya and UAE. The speakers for the discussion included:

  • Avesh Kumar Jha, Senior VP- ODPM, Hinduja Global Solutions
  • Gaurav Kumar, President - Corporate Development, Upgrad
  • Suchindra Kumar, Executive Director, EY

Watch this video to learn how to craft strategies that will enable employees and organisations to effectively deal with skilling and learning challenges that this pandemic brings.

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