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Digital Conversations - WORK

Episode 1: Navigating your career through COVID-19 

Today we are in the biggest work experiment in history. In this constantly changing world where social distancing and remote working are the new normal, how do we future-proof our careers? The first session threw light on the aspects of change that are impacting our careers in the areas of tech, work and move. It also addressed popular concerns like job security and its relevance, top technologies post the pandemic and skill gaps among others. We had 200+ attendees from India, Sri Lanka, UAE and the Middle East. The speakers included:

  • Manish Bahl, AVP- Centre for Future of Work, Cognizant
  • Lux Rao, Director & Leader- Solutions, NTT Ltd
  • Shekhar Sanyal, Country Head and Director, IET India

Watch this video to gain insights on how to keep your job and stay relevant during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The technologies that would increase productivity while working remotely and the perils and opportunities of workspaces having moved to homes?

Episode 2: Mind – your own business: Maintaining our sanity in times of a pandemic

As per reports, it is estimated that 42.5% of Indian private sector employees will suffer from depression or some form anxiety disorder during the current pandemic. The session focused on mental wellness and the impact of lockdown and isolation and featured mental health experts from around the world.

Insights on how to recognise the potential challenges that we could be dealing with due to the lockdown and the best practices to avoid them were also discussed. We had 200+ attendees from 8 countries like India, UAE, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Portugal and Sri Lanka. The speakers for the discussion included:

  • Dr Pratima Murthy, Head of Department – Psychiatry, NIMHANS, Bengaluru
  • Dr Shefali Batra, Founder & CEO, Innerhour and Mindframes
  • Smriti Joshi, Chief Psychologist, Wysa

Watch this video to get tips to deal with loneliness, anxiety and stress around safety of family members, job security, uncertain markets and completion of targets and deadlines.

Further insight into building coping mechanisms against the current pandemic and ways to focus on an upcoming hopeful future were also discussed.

Episode 3: Adapt, Improvise and Overcome: The essential skills post the pandemic

The world is undergoing a rapid transition due to Covid-19. Are you equipped and skilled to transition into the new normal brought about by this pandemic? Our third conversation focused on understanding the skills that will be needed post the pandemic as we rebuild our world. Discussions focused on the 'Must-have' skills for your profession, ways to address the existing skill gap and building a skilling and learning strategy to navigate through this disruption and how employees and organisations can effectively deal with skilling gaps? The session was attended by 130 attendees from 10 countries like India, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, UK, Kenya and UAE. The speakers for the discussion included:

  • Avesh Kumar Jha, Senior VP- ODPM, Hinduja Global Solutions
  • Gaurav Kumar, President - Corporate Development, Upgrad
  • Suchindra Kumar, Executive Director, EY

Watch this video to learn how to craft strategies that will enable employees and organisations to effectively deal with skilling and learning challenges that this pandemic brings.

Episode 4: Re-imagining and resetting workspaces for future

The world of work is undergoing a rapid transition due to the covid pandemic. Organisations are focusing on making workspaces safe and issuing guidelines to help employees return to offices.

Modifications to adapt to social distancing, cleaning and safety measures to curb the transmission of the virus hold utmost importance. For instance, reducing the number of chairs and spacing out tables in common areas, installation of contactless technological solutions, changing the position of workstations that face each other are a few changes that workspaces might implement.

Insights on what will be the new workspace regulations and designs, understanding of workforce flexibility and building capacity, safety and health measures to be adopted by offices were shared.

We had close to 90 attendees participate from 8 countries like India, UAE, Qatar, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Australia and United States of America in today’s discussion.

Speakers for the discussion included:

  • Adit Chhabra, CEO, Wobot Intelligence
  • Rajat Malhotra, Executive Director and Head of Engineering Solutions APAC, JLL
  • Satish Deore, GM – Admin & Facilities, CEAT Ltd, RPG Group
  • Sumit Lakhani, CMO, Awfis
  • Vivek Bagri, CEO, Adappt

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