Telehealth - Breaking stereotypes and embracing technology

With the pandemic overwhelming the country’s healthcare system, legalisation of telehealth did come as a blessing. However along with it came factors like lack of internet access, data privacy of patients that led to consumers being apprehensive of adopting telehealth. Answers to questions like how likely are you to use telehealth? How comfortable will you be to share your medical history with a doctor online were discussed during the

Curated by IET India and the Healthcare working group of the IET Future Tech Panel, the session focused on the adoption of telehealth and the challenges associated with it. We had close to 200 attendees from 10 countries including India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Canada, Turkey, Kenya, Kuwait, United Kingdom and the United States of America attending the virtual session.

  • Dr Anoop Amarnath, Chairman – Geriatric Medicine & Head – Scientific Board, Manipal Hospitals
  • Anusha Rammohan, Principal Technology Leader, Myelin Foundry
  • Gaurav Agarwal, Co-Founder & CTO, 1mg
  • Kanishka Katara, Head, Digital Health, PATH

Moderator: Dr Vikram Venkateswaran, Member, Healthcare WG, IET Future Tech Panel; Founder & Editor, Healthcare India.

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