MSMEs, are you open for business?

This sector has taken a major hit and is set to lose further steam as economic activities have come to a near standstill. Owing to the resultant lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most MSMEs are surviving on the brink since they don’t have the luxury to work from home. There are few pertinent questions which keep coming back for the MSMEs especially for those in the manufacturing setup.

In this session, we will uncover answers to the most pressing challenges to ensure business continuity and recovery. Our expert panel also created a prescriptive model to get industries to track the response-recover-resilience curve. We had over 200 attendees from organisations like Alstom, Arrow Electronics, Capgemini, CDAC, Frauscher Sensors, HCL, IDA Ireland, NAFFCO, New South Wales Government, Samsung, Siemens, Tata Power, Weizmann among others. We also saw diverse participation from countries like Australia, India, Kuwait, Sri Lanka and UAE.

Speakers for the discussion included:

  • Arvind Tilak, CEO & Founder, Ascent Intellimation Pvt ltd 
  • Dattatraya Navalgundkar, Executive Director, C4i4 Lab
  • Sanjeev Gupta, Vice President - Digital Engineering & Manufacturing Services, Capgemini

Moderator: Lux Rao, Co-Chair, Manufacturing WG, IET Future Tech Panel; Sr Director & Head - Solutions & Digital Transformation, NTT India.

Watch the video for insights on exploiting the new economic potential and how to become a global manufacturing powerhouse.

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