Leading India's digital revolution

Mr Murthy in a fireside chat with Shekhar Sanyal, Country Head and Director, IET India also reflected on his journey of setting up Infosys from scratch and lessons that industry leaders can learn from his experiences especially for the path to recovery in the post-pandemic world.

Jim Morrish, Founding Partner, Transforma Insights shared insights on which technologies will see a spike in adoption, which industries will be amenable to these adoptions, what the revenue streams will be and advice to start-ups and large corporations in the face of this situation.

We had around 400 attendees from organisations like Atkins, Citi group, Ericsson, Indian Railways, Infosys, KPMG, Ministry of Electronics and IT, Oracle, Reliance, Siemens, TCE, Volvo to name a few. We saw participation from 13 countries like Australia, Germany, India, Ireland, Kenya, Kuwait, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Qatar, UK, UAE and US.

Watch this video for perspectives from global leaders on building and deploying technologies to expedite India’s digital revolution.

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