Ethical AI: Implementation, challenges and frameworks

As India embarks on an #AIforAll framework helmed by NITI Aayog and C4i4 labs, discussion on ethics in AI are more important now than ever. 

In this episode, our panel discussed the ethical AI considerations that need to be fed in. What the future of ethical AI looks like in developing countries like India?

How can we make AI systems robust and bias-free at the same time? Among others. 

Speakers for the discussion included: 

  • Dr Avik Sarkar, Ex-Head, Data Analytics Cell, Niti Aayog; Visiting Associate Professor - Data, technology and Public Policy, ISB 
  • Nitin Sareen, Consumer Analytics Lead, Wells Fargo 
  • Dr Rohini Srivathsa, CTO, Microsoft India 

Moderator: Sameer Dhanrajani, CEO and Co-Founder, AIQRATE 

Watch the video to know how we can tackle bias in AI and make them ethical.

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This report examines how AI systems can work within the frameworks of human ethics.

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