Clearing the 5G obstacle course in India

While the technology strategy for 5G is pretty mature, it will take a couple of years to adapt to the type of 5G environment necessary for such a change. For the 5G rollout to become a reality, a significant amount of work, with respect to regulations, standards, operational and business support systems is still pending.

In this digital conversation, our expert panel delves into questions such as: 

  • Will 5G frequencies be able to travel as far as the 4G frequencies without multiple inputs and output antennas to boost the signal?
  • Do we have the policies, technology and spectrum availability in place to implement 5G?
  • Does it make sense to buy 5G smartphones now?
  • And many more.

We had close to 200 attendees from 6 countries like Finland, France, India, Sri Lanka, Qatar and the UK. 

Speakers for the discussion included:

  • Adrian Scrase, CTO & Head - Mobile Competence Centre, ETSI
  • Deepak Solanki, CIO - AMEA & ANZ, CNH Industrial
  • Sandeep Arora, Associate Director, Verizon India
  • TS Narayanan, CIO, Colt Technology Services

Moderator:  Monika Gupta, VP, Capgemini, Global 5G Engineering Lead; Chair – Digital Communications WG, IET Future Tech Panel.

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