Adopt Industry 4.0 or risk being overtaken

With the global supply chain going through a disruption that has never been seen before, the session focused on whether Industry 4.0 is relevant in the times of the pandemic? Does Industry 4.0 continue to have a bright future? We had close to 150 attendees participate from 10 countries like India, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, UAE, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.

Speakers for the event included:

  • Anandi Iyer, Head, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft India
  • Christian Werner, Head - IoT Solution Engineering, IoT Services Unit, Siemens Advanta
  • P.V. Sivaram, Advisor, C4i4; Retd Non-Executive Chairman, B&R India; Past President, AIA

Moderator: Pranjal Sharma, Member & Advisor, World Economic Forum; Author, India Automated and Kranti Nation.

Watch this video to gain insights on how to future-proof factories of today to be smart and digitised.

Also get insights on how Industry 4.0 can enable creation of new and disruptive business models that can help manufacturing units gain a competitive edge in today’s ailing economy. 

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