Registration of EVs without pre-fitted batteries: Opportunities and road ahead

Curated by our Future of Mobility and Transport Panel (FoMT), the session focused on the impact of this policy on the various players of the EV ecosystem – right from vehicle and battery manufacturers, fleet operators, infrastructure providers, Government and consumers.

Our expert panel focused on questions such as - Has the EV industry welcomed the announcement wholeheartedly? Do manufacturers fear losing out on the subsidy? Is there resentment in the EV industry that that MORTH did not work with the Department of Heavy Industries before taking such a big step?

Speakers for the discussion included:

  • Awadesh Jha, Vice President, Fortum
  • Goldie Srivastava, Co-Founder and CEO, SmartE
  • Guruprasad Mudlapur, Managing Director, Bosch Automotive Electronics India
  • Sanjeev Ponnusamy, COO, Ampere Vehicles Pvt Ltd

Moderator: Mustafa Wajid, Chair, Steering Committee, IET FoMT Focus; CEO, Meher Group

Curated by IET’s Future of Transport and Mobility Panel (FoMT), the twentieth session of IET India Digital Conversations will be focused on this new policy. Our expert panel will deep dive into the policy, explore opportunities and possible new business models as well as the road ahead for the EV ecosystem.

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