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Debate Episodes

Debate 1: Will Covid-19 burst the shared mobility bubble?

The future of shared mobility seems vague after the outbreak of the pandemic. However, the owners of the shared mobility services predict that there will be no eventual negative impact on the relevance of shared mobility services. 

Watch the entire episode of ‘Digital Debates’, which was curated by us and The Future of Mobility panel (FoMT). 

Speakers for the debate included:

  • Dr Shibu Vijayan, Director Global TB program, Path
  • Naresh Narasimhan, Architect Principal, VA Group, Urban designer, Activist
  • Aditya Jagati, Engagement Director, Busara Center for Behaviour Economics
  • Nishchay AG, Director, Bounce
  • Amit Gupta, CEO & Co-Founder, Gogobus
  • Anirudh Arun, COO, Blu Smart Mobility
  • A.M Devendranath, Vice-Chair, IET FoMT Panel, COO, Feedback Business Consulting

Debate 2: Will India’s electric story accelerate due to Covid-19?

Experts predict there we will see a surge in EVs, owing to factors like rationing of fuel prices in various states and BS VI regulations making ICE vehicles more expensive. While vehicle manufacturers insist that electric vehicles will take a back seat as businesses will focus on getting back to business continuity. This debate focused on what the future of Electric Vehicles will be in a post covid world.

Watch the second episode of ‘Digital Debates’, which was curated by us and The Future of Mobility panel (FoMT).

Speakers for the debate included:

  • Avik Chattopadhyay, Co-Creator, Expereal India, Ex- VP, Volkswagen and PSA India
  • Atul Arya, Chair - Urban Mobility, IET Future of Mobility & Transport Focus; Head Energy Systems, Panasonic Corporation
  • Hemlatha Annamalai, Chair, TiE Global Women, Ex-CEO, Ampere Electric Vehicles
  • Mustafa Wajid, Chair, Steering Committee, IET FoMT Focus; CEO, Meher Group

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