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The Communities Committee, South Asia (CC-SA)

Meet the Committee members

Name Designation
Mr Kapil Khanna Chairman
R N Rajpoot Vice-Chair/Treasurer
Ved Prakash YPCC Rep
Neha Singh Senior Staff member
Sujan Shekar Elected member of the CCSA
Prof S Cloudin Elected member of the CCSA
Rajesh Patwardhan Member
Dr Surajit Chattopadhyay Member
Prof Deepak Kshirsagar Member
Prof Preeti D Bhamre Member
Prof Rukmal Jayasinghe Member
Bright Reginold Raja Member
Vivek Ram Vasan Member

IET Communities in South-Asia

Key activities of the CC-SA

  • Coordinate the planning of community activities in the region and advise the Communities Resourcing Committee on allocation of resourcing to the region.
  • Agree and monitor community KPIs with the Communities Resourcing Committee and promote remedial action where required.
  • Allocate funding and other resources to communities in the region (total regional fund allocated to the region by the Communities Resourcing Committee).